The Music

ne of the most exciting talents to emerge from the Australian music scene today is singer, songwriter and multiinstrumentalist, Shaun Kirk. Hailed for his electrifying live shows, Shaun’s one-man-band set up of guitars, harmonicas, pedals and gadgets, must be seen to be believed. One journalist quips, “Shaun Kirk has taken to the guitar like the proverbial duck to water, add to that a howling vocal, rock-solid harmonica and a variety of foot-operated percussion, it’s a mind-bending combination he makes look easy.” (Rhythms Magazine)

Siskin River

Shalane & Tullara hail from Ramornie-the quiet, forgotten countryside on the outskirts of Grafton NSW-where one can make a hell of a ruckus on a guitar, and not have the cops roll in. The pair dubbed themselves ‘Siskin River’ in the December summer of 2011 and set out on the road. Writing, composing, and gigging as they go, they now call their car home, as they tour state and territory out the back of their trusty “siskimobile”. Their self-titled debut EP was released in May 2012, with a debut album in the works for January 2014.

Finding Luna

Finding Luna is an alternative Electro Hip Hop/Indie group, hailing from the tropics of North Queensland. Down to make music and have some fun times. Although being a new, young band; Finding Luna are 3 very enthusiastic friends doing what they love – Music. They may come across as a poppy Hip-Hop group, but their style goes beyond that of the average ‘rapper’ – writing all their own original music. Influences of rock, folk, indie and metal are scattered across the band’s sound and they feel originality is crucial. Their successful debut EP Bliss City saw the group tour QLD.

The Starry Field

The Starry Field is the musical baby of Australian producer Mark Myers. With a style best described as Alt-country Synth-pop, Myers brings his songs to life with a collective of talented musicians from North Queensland. With his full-length debut album ‘Back on the Milk’ recently released, Mark returns to Cairns after a National tour promoting the album including showcasing at Big Sound 2013.

Chris Ah Gee

Chris’ laidback, soulful vibe is likened to Matt Corby and Jason Mraz. His new 6 track EP F.Y.M.B provided a challenge for Chris in 2013 with many changes throughout the creation process.

Ray Danes

Ray Danes is a singer/songwriter born in Atherton, QLD. He learned to play Drums at a very young age and later started playing guitar, singing and writing songs. He began studying music and moved to Cairns in 2011 to pursue a music career. In 2012, inspired by Ed Sheeran, he began playing gigs. Ray won a songwriting competition at the Tablelands Folk Festival in 2012. He has since released hid debut EP The Fog.


Louarde is a young singer/songwriter who combines her love of the piano and acoustic guitar with soulful lyrics to produce a beautifully subtle and poetic sound. Louarde’s thoughtful and unique style showcases her sweet and pure vocals that are both hypnotic and captivating, often transporting her audience to some other, more ethereal, world.

Leanne Tennant

Leanne is a Cairns based songwriter who has been steadily following the festival circuit with her originals act and also with band, The Rockabilly Blues X-Press. “Leanne Tennant is a serious Australian talent. Her lyrics express exactly what she feels and she sings with a unique voice that immediately grabs your attention. Listening to her EP Are You There? has made me a true believer.” Bill Chambers – The Dead Ringer Band (and father to Kasey Chambers).

The Young Art!

Since the age of 13 the three schoolmates Brad Stephenson, Casey Shipp and Sony Sando have been exploring sounds, writing music and performing at every opportunity that comes their way. Their unique style has slowly evolved from the early days of gleaming pop rock into a very mature and organic blend of folk, rock and indie sounds. In the new wave of a global folk movement, The Young Art! effortlessly stand out with their own spin of delicate acoustic textures, rich folk melodies and intense builds.

Amy Chase

Geri Halliwell and Dawn French have described Amy Chase as a naturally talented artist, and these talents translate into her songwriting craft. For the last 3 years Amy has busily worked the live music scene in Cairns and Sydney, and at 28 years of age, Amy has found her musical groove. Her debut EP The Artist Formerly Known As epitomizes Amy Chase: a soul pop/neo soul mash featuring mesmerising vocals and formidable songwriting that explores love, sex, revenge, and picking yourself up after life’s scrapes.


Ray-Lee is a 17yr old Gordonvale singer/songwriter. Her debut EP ‘Life Is Different’ was released in December 2011 with several tracks shortlisted for the Australian Songwriters Contest, “Starting Line” finishing in the Top 10 of the Youth category. She is a Silver & Bronze medal winner at the World Championships of Performing Arts, with her original “Heartbroken” winning her a Silver Medal. Ray-Lee has been performing at local venues for the past few years gathering a collection of talent and songwriter awards.